Atos Medical Condition Training Documents.

Please sign & forward the petition to investigate Atos PIP assessments.

When I began my Twitter account last year, I really did expect to be judged, but for the act of having been an assessor, not for trying to help people. I’ve simply blocked the couple of people who have been out and out rude, but to have someone tell me I’m doing it to attract followers and that it’s all about the hype. I checked each link I posted and they worked at this end, but again apparently I’m not publishing anything of substance.

I have tried to respond to as many questions as I could but with all due respect, I never claimed to be an expert on all Atos or any DWP protocol. I’m clearly not doing it for the money, as somewhere (Twitter I think), there is the letter from Atos offering me £8000 to sign a non-disclosure. Having suffered for nearly two years with increasingly bad mental health problems, caused entirely by my association with Atos, I’m truly sorry that some people seem offended that I am using this writing to help me, as well as hopefully one or two of you. To the vast majority of you, who have shown nothing but respect, friendship, an ear to talk to if it was needed and some real empathy, I thank you all. For those who don’t believe, or are Atos plants, you guys have a nice day.

So rather than try to give you an insight into each document I publish, I’ll drop the links here.

Alcohol & substance misuse

Anxiety Disorders


Autistic Spectrum Disorder


BiPolar Affective Disorder


Eating Disorders



Learning Disabilities

Mixed Anxiety/Depressive Disrders

Personality Disorder

Psychotic Disorders



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