What do we expect from each other-A guide for HP’s within PIP.

A proper insight to the quality and structure of Atos training!

This is a document that everyone should take a peek at, but I’d be particularly interested to hear feedback from any other health professionals, as to whether this feels adequate, if they were considering a change of scenery from being a paramedic or physio to a functional assessor? By the way, if you are, don’t; if you believe in that kind of thing, sell your soul to the Devil, but don’t take these roles.

This 29 page volume outlines the structure of training. Anyone who is unfortunate enough to have undergone the training, will remember
the (frequent) use of the words like “exit points”, but note the absence of such passive aggressive terminology here. It describes what Atos expect of the HP and vice versa. Well consider this, the second (and by far the most incompetent) “manager” I worked under, would walk past our consultation rooms each morning (always last in (“it’s the trains”),surely if you are the manager in an organisation like that, you are not last in!), and not have the courtesy to say good morning!

Like wise Atos expects staff to arrive in a timely fashion; seems that once your there though, you could have a kip on the consulting couch. I have a picture of one of my “colleagues” doing just that, and when taken to the same half-witted “manager”, he disciplined the individual with a laugh and a don’t do it again

I was going to, and will eventually go through this word document and add the appropriate comments, highlighting where there were clear omissions and breaches of the document. That is such a monumental task, it will come later, but in the meantime if you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line.

What do we expect from each other-A guide for HP’s within PIP.


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