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Hello and welcome to the sister page to my Twitter account, @secretassessor1. It’s been sometime since I’ve made a concerted effort to update that account; something due entirely to the adverse affect on my mental health, caused by the time I was employed by Atos, and the subsequent abuse I suffered at their hands.

I am fully aware that there are some out there who will see me as the devil incarnate. To those who do, all I can offer is an apology for the experience they’ve suffered at the hands of Atos and the DWP, and give my word that I shall publish every piece of Atos rhetoric which I have in my possession, and which may help your case. I shall, where possible answer questions, and as and when my own health allows, I would be happy to accompany individuals to their assessments, where they have either no chaperone, or feel that a physio’s knowledge may be additionally useful. I refer particularly to physio, as that is my trade but frankly, since I went on the sick in April 2017, I would feel more than happy to act as an advocate for mental health cases. These last 20 months or so, have taught me more about the reality of mental health conditions than 2 weeks training and an occasional multiple choice workbook ever did.

Couple of final points; nothing other than what I heard, or in most cases have a written record of, will be published here by me, and secondly, apologies for any grammatical or proof reading errors.

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